Tuesday, November 25, 2008

13. Holy Crap pt1

Yeah this one may get me knee deep in "holy crap" but meh, every cartoonist has got to have a risque' comic once in their cartoony lives, right? Yeah Yeah whatever, i'll make soup from these here tomatoes. BUT ANYHOOS, follow the series and you may get some answers. NO NOT TO THE MEANING OF LIFE DUMBASS! but to the mystery of the holy shitting stranger. Later Juveniles. Mmmmmm tomato soup.

12. Greyscale - A Dead Days Cameo

So this was a great opportunity to have a cameo appearance with the 2 main characters from my favourite strip: Dead Days by John Rios. It is absolutely hilarious. Kaos Produktions are making a limited edition figurine of The character called Mr Brown (the dude with the 'brown' hair duh). So yeah, the guys are almost out of trouble. Roger doesnt look too concerned though. Beer still tastes like beer no matter wat colour you are. And like TJ said: GO CHECK 'EM OUT! Later Juveniles.

11. Rough Sketch

The guys are once again in a predicament, but wait low and behold its that Crazy Old Bastard come to save the day yet again. Well, he doesn't have MY artistic talent but at least the guys are 'whole' again.

10. Lights Out

Oh No! the power cuts spread further than the real world. Now Juvies has been cut... But wait! Roger has an....idea? uh oh.

9. Prince He-Dude and the Warriors of the Galaxy

As a child of the '80's my brothers and i grew up with He-Man and Thundercats and Transformers. So i thought maybe these guys can have a favourite program. So i have created a parody of Masters of the Universe. During the time i drew this series up we were having power cuts to save energy. So It looks as if Eskom (the local power service here) has managed to 'load shed' the the Warriors. "Egad! How will Prince He-Dude save the day without the power from the Skull Fortress?" Stay Tuned Juveniles
P.S: The 'Prince He-Dude' TV show will appear now and then throughout the Juvies series.

8. The Beach

There's nothing like going to the beach with a couple of your buds chilling, swimming, throwing a ball around, never taking your shades off so you can stare at the chicks sun tanning naked.....O.o um, but i never do that......Anyhoo, seems like Scotty boy aint enjoying it so much but then again neither is Roger. Only HE could come across this type of bad luck. Well hope you are enjoying it so far Juveniles. Chow for now.

7. The Bulk's Conclussion

Ah, we can all give a sugh of relief. The nightmare is over.....or is it? I'm sure a giant, mutated, green-glowing rat in the sewers could be a problem. Meh, not mine though. Well like all bad toxins, it just had to pass through the system. Thanks to my bro, who brings you 'Week Daze', for colour effects and assisting in some layouts.

6. The Bulk's "Cure"

Oh dear, what is one to do when you're green? You unvoluntarily receive the aid of a 'crazy old bastard' thats what. It could've been worse... he could've painted him blue and been Steroid Smurf. BaDa Tss.... i know i know that sucked, I didn't say I was a comedic pro. But all in due time Juveniles.

5. The Bulk

OH MY GOD! It's the Unfathomable Bulk! haahaahaa nah it's just TJ taking muscle supplements. Unfortunately he forgot to read the fine print. At least he got a teensy bit bigger.

4. Pinnochio

What up, Juveniles? So, who's never had this happen to them before? Really?? Ok, Dude, there's something wrong with you if you've had Pinnochio kick you in the shin. Moving right along...so i think Roger's Beer soaked mind has been put at rest. They aren't in the Matrix, just some disturbed cartoonists head. Hahaha. Keep on reading fellow juveniles.

3. The Matrix

Hmmmm he may have a point, then again he may have had way too many beers. Or maybe thats what The Matrix WANTS him to believe????? Nah.... way too many beers. Anyhoo, remember Juveniles, dont drink and read. You might just spill and that won't be cool.

2. Car Wash

C'mon!!! Thats not cool. Now honestly people, raise your hands if this has ever happened to you. Be it bird poop, bugs or even someone flying head first into your passenger door......ok ok maybe i shouldn't have braked while that cyclist was trying to get past but thats not the point! Its that goddamn murphy I tell ya! Somebody outta find him and put a cap in his @$$... Keep on reading Juveniles. Thanks.

1. Transformer

This is the very first Juvies strip. It was a quickie as i was just testing the waters as they say. If you love beer and Transformers, well what better thing to transform into than the one thing you love the most.....Enough said.

Greetings one and all! My name is Jarred and I'm here to present to you my webcomic called Juvies it is loosely based on myself and my 2 best friends. It's about 3 college misfits living together going through life....with disasterous outcomes. There is Scott, the seemingly "normal" guy who has his head on straight, TJ is the muscle bound dude who loves his muscles and women! He's a real ladies man, and then there's Roger.... he's, well...Roger. The laid back always hung over guy who enjoys hanging with his 'Brothers from other Mothers'. So take this journey with me as I hope to entertain you with quality comedy. Happy reading Juveniles :-)