Thursday, February 26, 2009

26. Carnival Catastrophe pt 6

Oh no, Juveniles. Scott and T.J have lost Roger! Can you help them find him?

This was both fun and hectic to draw. I wanted to make it like the "Where's Wally" books. I had to look back at the past CC strips to make sure I place everything (ie: tents and stalls) in continuity. Then there was the task of filling the carnival with people. That took time but I managed. So I hope you guys enjoy this one.... Oh and be on the look out for some 'familiar characters' :-P

Later Juveniles.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25. ♥ Valentines Day Pin-Up ♥

25 Baby YEAH!!!! That's a milestone right?

Ahem, now that the confetti has cleared I bring you a Valentines Day special for all you love birds. Just becareful where you fly though, I wouldn't trust Roger with a bow and arrow.

Have a romantic filled day on Saturday.

♥♥ With much love from The Juvies ♥♥

24. Carnival Catastrophe pt 5

I have to agree with Scotty boy, That rack is nice, those melons do look firm and juicy and those jugs mmhmmm those are beautiful jugs.... Oh and she does have nice tits to.

Ha ha! Check the geek, shame it's the only way he can get to score a babe... then again the rest of 'em must sure be desperate as well to be standing in line at a kissing booth. The old man I can understand. I'm sure he hasn't had any since the wheel was invented. Shame, I'm been cruel; even old, decrepid, wrinkled people need some loving now and then. Even if they will forget it after 2 minutes.

Anyhoos Juveniles, stay tuned for another fun-filled adventure with the Juvies.