Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Special 2010

OMG!!! what's this? A Juvies update? You betcha!

It's been a while, juveniles, I know. I've had a long hiatus but hopefully that's gonna come to an end because Volume 2 will be hitting the cyber-waves in just a few weeks time....YES 2011 sees the return of JUVIES!
But for now we have for you a Christmas pin up for 2010.

Now remember, kiddies, tis the season to be jolly but please be jolly safe. Scott, Roger, T.J and the rest of the gang would love to see you next year.
So from all of us here have a merry Christmas and a prosperously juvenile New Year.

Come back soon for the New Year pin up with a new character that will be appearing in volume 2. So until then....Keep It Juvenile!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Juvies volume 2: Outta My Head cover

Greetings Juveniles

Here it is! The cover to Volume 2.

In volume 2 we're gonna meet some new and wackier characters. If you thought Scott, Roger and T.J were bad enough wait till you meet the new crowd.

So Until then Juveniles...KEEP IT JUVENILE!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

50. Happy Easter 2010

Hey Juveniles

Yeah this is late. 3 weeks without internet will do that.

Yup, this also happened. But not in a dentists office. We were at our friends holiday house. We went to the next door neighbours place (a little drunk) and there were easter eggs on the table. So Rob (TJ) grabbed an egg bit into it and put it back.

So I hope you had a great Easter weekend.

Until next time.....KEEP IT JUVENILE!

49. On a Scale Of.....

Greetings Juveniles

This is yet another gag that really happened and again I wasn't there but wish I was.

Not much to say really other than the bar we normally hang out at is called STONES. I thought calling it STONED would be pretty funny.

Until next time.... KEEP IT JUVENILE!

48. All's Fair in Love and War-terbombs

Greetings, Juveniles.

Wow it's really been awhile. I apologise for that. I had a bit of artist's block and then 3 weeks without internet.
But I'm back and ready to spew out new 'toons for you juveniles.

This is based on a true drive by.
I can safely say that I was not involved.... but wish I was LOL!!!

Anyhoos, enjoy.

Until next time....KEEP IT JUVENILE!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Day 2010 Pin Up

♪♫ Love is in the air.... everywhere you look around...♪♫

Ahem..... Greetings, Juveniles.

Yup, that time is upon us again where we fork out ridiculous amounts of cash in the name of love....VALENTINES DAY.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with the day. I just think people depend too much on shops and cliche merchandise to be romantic.

People have lost their inner romance and their imagination to be spontaneously romantic.

But hey, who am I to be preaching upon my soap box.
Whatever you do this Valentines Day, be sure to make it as memorable and romantic as you possibly can for your other half.

Until next time, KEEP IT JUVENILE!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Juvies' 2nd Birthday!

Good morning, Juveniles!

I have to admit, I've been a naughty creator.
On Thursday 21st it was Juvies 2nd birthday and I didn't have anything for them.
I had this picture drawn up and wanted to upload it yesterday but due to certain human errors I couldn't.
So here it is today..... Better late than never, right?

Enjoy it, spread the word about it and until next time....KEEP IT JUVENILE!!