Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Pin Up 2009

Tonight's the night the ghouls come out
To cause havoc, chaos and run about
Big ones, little ones of every shape and size
Banging on doors hoping for a sweet surprize
Ghosts, goblins and a variety of ghouls
Shoveling down candy while pissing in your pools
Make hast, make haste to your safe homes quick
Lest you fall victim to a dastardly trick
So bolt your doors and close that window
For tonight is their night, it's Halloween you know.

Mwahahahahahahahahahaha Happy Halloween Juveniles!

Monday, October 26, 2009

45. But Is It Art?

Greetings juveniles.

Yup, It's Monday which means another fun filled Juvies strip.

So how many of you have gone through an art gallery and thought "Wow, that looks like shit!"? You never know, it could've been.
I mean I've seen stuff that I wouldn't call art. The Mona Lisa, that's art, The Scream, that's art. Jackson Pollocks' dribble of paint on a canvas? No. I've always said you could wipe your ass on a piece of paper, frame it and call it art.
Well I think Scott took it way over the line with that statement.

Anyhoos, enjoy the fan splatter and the 3 positioned pieces of corn amongst the variety of brown colours.

Until next week, KEEP IT JUVENILE!

Monday, October 19, 2009

44. Does Whatever A Spider Can

Greetings yet again Juveniles!

Our word for today is ARACHNOPHOBIA . To be shit scared of spiders.

Not much I can say. Roger is arachnophobic.

Until next time....KEEP IT JUVENILE!

Monday, October 12, 2009

43. Are Wii Having Fun Yet?

Greetings, Juveniles!

Another Juvies comes at you hard and fast.... just like in the pornos!

Ah the wii. A great console to have as it's very fun and addictive.
A friend of a friend has one and I played tennis. Damn it's tiring! But very fun.
I swear if you're walking around the shopping center and you see people jumping up and down and don't realize they are playing on the wii, you'd think they are utter retards.
Which brings us to this weeks 'toon.
At least Roger is getting some exercise even though I doubt he's having fun.

So until those wings are in Roger's possession... KEEP IT JUVENILE!

Monday, October 5, 2009

42. Oink, Cough, Bleh!

Morning Juveniles!

Seems like no one is safe from swine flu, not even cartoon characters.

So this whole swine flu "epidemic" has gotten very quiet here in South Africa. 2 months ago it was the only thing the TV news and newspapers could report on. But now? It's a thing of the past. Was it really something to worry about? Was it a government conspiracy playing on our paranoia? Who knows, it was yesterdays news.

Anyhoos, have a great week and stay healthy.

Until next time... KEEP IT JUVENILE!