Thursday, January 8, 2015

76. Battle of the sexes part 6 - Who Needs Photoshop?

Uhh... What's been seen can never be unseen!

75. Battle of the sexes part 5 - Think Pink

Ouch! 2 Hit combo to the girls against TJ!

74. Battle of the sexes part 4 - Orange is the New Bronze

It's not easy been...Orange?

73. Battle of the sexes part 3 - Hair Today, Green in a Few Hours!

The boys are lucky she's not like Jennifer Walters. Otherwise her hair wouldn't have been the only thing to turn green #SheHulk

72. Battle of the sexes part 2 - Flush

Roger should've known better than to mess with a the shower...singing a song by Fear Factory #fearfactory #zerosignal

71. Battle of the Sexes part 1 - Poof!

And now the real games begin. Who will emerge victories?

70. The Theory of Old Drivers

Don't judge me! You KNOW you were thinking the same thing :-D

69. Three's Company, Six is Over Crowded

As the girls move in so begins the fun!

68. The Thrill of the Hunt

If you read this like Sir David Attenborough then my job is complete.

67. What's Yo Numba!?

Oooooh! He reached the goal line aaaand... FUMBLED! He was so close.

66. The Gauntlet

There's not much Force in this Padawan!

65. The Hot Dog Theory

You can always trust on Roger to make an ass of himself. It's ok, Roger, we ruv yoo, we ruv yoo rong time!

64. Lil TP

Lil TP, the brother's here to make a wigga outta Mike!

63. K.O!

Ah, White Mike... forever will you be a "punchline"!

62. Boy Meets Who?

Louise is back in town and the guys decide to yank her chain!