Monday, September 28, 2009

41. Muscles and Mullets pt 10

Greetings Juveniles!

Yes, it's Monday, it's a new Juvies 'toon here to brighten up your day.

This sees the end of the Muscles and Mullets saga. I figured I'd end it off on a nice round part number.
It has been a while since we've seen Roger with his favourite Gut Extension beverage 'KAOS BEER'.
Seriously... a ripped Roger?? That aint normal. But thanks to 'KAOS BEER', normality is set back in it's place along with Roger's gut.

Saty tuned for a couple of single part strips, Juveniles as we head for new adventures and new disasters.

Until then... KEEP IT JUVENILE!

Monday, September 21, 2009

40. Muscles and Mullets pt 9

Good Morning Juveniles.
It's Monday and that means another Juvies strip.

Having the Major there is really taking it out of our Juvies. T.J has finally seen the error of his so called good deed. He's also seen way more than he should have.

So here is the penultimate M&M series.
It's a real shocker!!

Next week sees the final to the M&M series.
So until then....KEEP IT JUVENILE!

Monday, September 14, 2009

39. Muscles and Mullets pt 8

Greetings Juveniles!!

It's Monday and that means a new Juvies strip for you to enjoy and hopefully brighten this gloomy day up.

So after a long day of flirting with chicks, flexing his pecs and the occassional personal training of gym goers, T.J finally gets home to a darkened home. I wouldn't be too worried either after such a hard days work.
Alas, T.J was unaware that Major Mullet had brought reinforcements... at least he was half naked unlike poor Scott.

Oh and if you are a new Juvenile and are wondering about "Jesus Christ" been in a padded cell.... please refer to the 'Holy Crap' series

Ok, Juveniles

Until the next time.... KEEP IT JUVENILE!

Monday, September 7, 2009

38. Muscles and Mullets pt 7

*Insert the Psycho theme here*

Isn't it always the same?
You hop into your nice hot shower, scrub yourself down 'til you're all fresh and sparkley and then some freaky, mullet head granny who's totally bare jumps in and forces herself on to you.
What?... that's never happened to you? O.o um... yeah me neither....
ANYHOOS!!!! This is gonna scar Scotty boy deep. How does one recover from such a hideous sight? White hot pokers to the eyes could do it but that's a bit extreme... or is it in this case?

Well thanks for reading, juveniles and be sure to be here next week for more crazy, inbred mullet action.