Monday, July 6, 2009

35. Muscles and Mullets pt 4

Just when you thought it was gonna be a blue Monday, Juvies is here to brighten your day!

So we finally see ONE of the guys at work and boy is he working it!
Forever the ladies man T.J wil be, he won't even let a phone call from his endangered bro's deter him from getting her number.

Shame, I hope Scott and Roger are ok, we'll just have to wait and see...

Until then, Keep It Juvenile!



PS: I forgot to mention, Juveniles, that the story T.J is telling is an actual true lie my buddy Rob (whom T.J is based on) told people. The funniest thing is.... PEOPLE BELIEVED HIM!!!
My friends and I had gone away for Easter weekend. It was at night and we had been drinking quite a bit and decided to go down to the beach and create fire patterns in the sand using crushed fire lighters.
One was going when Rob decided he'd put the fire out with his back by performing a handstand and falling backwards... it worked with the help of my other friend, Kevin (whom Roger is based on), jumping on top of Rob making the burn worse. 2 good things came from it: 1. we got it all on film and 2: Rob was instantly sobered up.

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