Monday, October 26, 2009

45. But Is It Art?

Greetings juveniles.

Yup, It's Monday which means another fun filled Juvies strip.

So how many of you have gone through an art gallery and thought "Wow, that looks like shit!"? You never know, it could've been.
I mean I've seen stuff that I wouldn't call art. The Mona Lisa, that's art, The Scream, that's art. Jackson Pollocks' dribble of paint on a canvas? No. I've always said you could wipe your ass on a piece of paper, frame it and call it art.
Well I think Scott took it way over the line with that statement.

Anyhoos, enjoy the fan splatter and the 3 positioned pieces of corn amongst the variety of brown colours.

Until next week, KEEP IT JUVENILE!

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Brucehere said...


Pretty class post! haha.