Tuesday, April 6, 2010

50. Happy Easter 2010

Hey Juveniles

Yeah this is late. 3 weeks without internet will do that.

Yup, this also happened. But not in a dentists office. We were at our friends holiday house. We went to the next door neighbours place (a little drunk) and there were easter eggs on the table. So Rob (TJ) grabbed an egg bit into it and put it back.

So I hope you had a great Easter weekend.

Until next time.....KEEP IT JUVENILE!


Lindsay said...

Lol, does Rob really do all of this stuff? Or are these other people's stories that you reflect onto poor big Rob!! Haha love the work Jared! Keep it up!

Jarred Cramer said...

LOL This one in particular kinda happened, just not in a dentists office.

Some stories are other people's which I incorporate into Juvies.