Monday, September 14, 2009

39. Muscles and Mullets pt 8

Greetings Juveniles!!

It's Monday and that means a new Juvies strip for you to enjoy and hopefully brighten this gloomy day up.

So after a long day of flirting with chicks, flexing his pecs and the occassional personal training of gym goers, T.J finally gets home to a darkened home. I wouldn't be too worried either after such a hard days work.
Alas, T.J was unaware that Major Mullet had brought reinforcements... at least he was half naked unlike poor Scott.

Oh and if you are a new Juvenile and are wondering about "Jesus Christ" been in a padded cell.... please refer to the 'Holy Crap' series

Ok, Juveniles

Until the next time.... KEEP IT JUVENILE!

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